Flora and Fauna

The Segre Rialb Consortium, which you have probably not heard much about but is well worth getting lost in, is set in the heart of the Pre-Pyrenees in the province of Lleida.

Its flora represents nature at its most unspoilt, as the people of the area are basically concentrated in middle-sized towns in two municipalities, thus leaving a lot of room for the zone’s native trees and vegetation. These are very varied and include some very old red pines, oaks and Holm oaks, juniper and box in the most mountainous areas, and riverside woodlands of poplars and willows beside the rivers and in the wetter zones. Lovers of medicinal plants will discover a paradise, from which our ancestors gathered rosemary, sage, thyme, camomile, and horsetail, etc. The forest is an ideal place to collect wild mushrooms in the cool humidity of autumn, a pastime that has grown in popularity in recent years. Lactarius, Waxy cap, Grey knight, Hedgehog and Yellowfoot mushrooms are the most commonly found species.

There is also a large number of birds such as the bearded vulture, which is to be found on different mountain ranges such as the Serra d’Aubenç, the Serra de Sant Marc, and the Serra de Sant Honorat, as well as eagles, roe deer, hares, foxes, wild boars, and many other species that are very typical here yet unusual elsewhere.

We therefore invite you to discover places of spectacular nature at its purest, with the essential charm of this region of plains and mountains.