El partidor de Ponts

Route: Ponts- Canal d’Urgell dam, second Gatehouse - El Tossal- Sant Domènec-Ponts (partidor de Ponts)
Type: Mountain bike
Difficulty: low
Duration: 1 hour 30 min
Route type: circular
Signposting: no

Advice for keeping to the path
From Ponts, take the road C-13 towards Lleida until you reach the bridge over the river Llobregós. Cross it on the right by the Tossal path. Continue beside the Segre until you reach a crossroads and a tarmacked track on the left. Leave these behind and follow the path on the right, alongside the Segre. You will soon encounter the Xopera d’en Pau poplar wood.
After the poplar wood, upon encountering the gatehouse to the dam and the sluice gates; follow the Llenguadera tunnel. If you are unable to go through the tunnel, follow the path between the mountain and the Segre River, which passes behind the gatehouse. Upon reaching Mas Ferran (with Torreblanca on the right), follow the path on the left that leads to the exit of the Llenguadera tunnel and to the second gatehouse.

From here, continue along the towpath of the Canal d’Urgell until you reach the bridge of El Tossal, where you should turn left and encounter the church of El Tossal and a fork in the path. Take the right-hand path and follow the track that leads to the village of Sant Domènec, which is half-way up the slope. There you will find a path that leads to a tarmacked track (called Cap de la Costa on the map). Follow it to the right (it is the same tarmacked track you left behind at the start of the walk. It will take you back to the crossroads. From this point, follow the path along which you came until you reach Ponts).