La Roca dels Moros / Roc de Rombau de Peramola
Roc del Rombau or, Roca del Moro, as the locals know it, is a striking bastion and exceptional lookout over Horta d’Oliana, that presents a challenge for climbers who try to scale it. The half a dozen routes up the impressive wall include the Degana, an angled dihedral from the late nineteen-sixties, and the Sioux Connection, the most recently devised ascent of this formidable wall of delicate rock. The Roca dels Moros offers an attractive and fun sports climb that should not be missed.
Regina de Peramola Via Ferrata
This is one of Catalonia’s longest vie ferrate. It features a surprising, demanding route, some very high stretches and highly demanding drops, and affords a striking bird’s eye view of the Oliana Reservoir. It also has a well-equipped Nepalese bridge with an interesting crossing, and an abrupt and resounding overhanging wall. It is one of the best-equipped routes and an essential visit.