The Segre River

There is a very simple reason why the valleys of the Segre Rialb Consortium have been inhabited since prehistoric times. It is because of that essential life element: water.

The Segre River in Catalonia is an important tributary of the Ebro. Its basin covers areas of France, Andorra and Spain. It rises on the Northern side of the Pic del Segre, in Upper Cerdanya, and after running 265 kilometres on its way to Mequinenza, flows into the Lower Cinca. It is comprises three dams, two of which, the Oliana and the Rialb, are within the Consortium area, as are two of its tributaries, the Rialb River and the Ribera Salada.

In all the municipalities it crosses, the Segre River is considered not just an economic resource, but also a highly valuable natural resource and source of leisure, as it is possible to walk, run or cycle along its bank or canoe and raft on or fish in the river. It is therefore undoubtedly one of the Segre Rialb Consortium’s most attractive features.