Industrial activity

Rialb dam

A tour of industrial activity

In the towns and villages that make up the Consortium, we can see that most industry is based on Ponts and Oliana. These towns have developed industry in very different sectors.

In Oliana, the domestic appliances sector is most important, under the Taurus brand. This has been the biggest industrial driving force in the county of Alt Urgell for years.
Also important are textiles and food, with the making of flour, pasta, oil and traditional mature goats’ cheese, moulded cheese and fresh cheese sold under the Castell-llebre brand. These have been gaining in importance and are now big sectors in the region.

As for Ponts, it should be said that there has always been a certain level of activity in spinning, construction materials, pasta and other sectors, diversifying the workforce and avoiding the concentration of the job market in a single sector. With the coming into operation of the new industrial estate where some industries from the municipality have moved, new entrepreneurial expectations have also been opened up.

The construction and timber sectors are also quite visible and are important in several of the Consortium’s municipalities. Various companies devoted to bodywork for all kinds of vehicles can also be found in this area.

Finally, proximity to rivers has led to the municipalities of Baronia de Rialb, Ponts and Peramola developing trout farming aimed at human consumption and the restocking of rivers.