Tourism and services

Towns committed to service

The service sector in the towns of the Segre Rialb Consortium includes services mainly addressed to tourism such as food and drink, trade, and hotels and restaurants and, to a lesser extent, transport, heath and media services.

From the nineteen-nineties to the present day, these towns have experienced substantial change and have gone from mainly primary or secondary sector to third sector economies. The service sector, which includes tourism and its development, is crucial for the future social and economic growth of the towns, without disregard for industry and food and agriculture.

In recent years, the municipalities of Ponts and Oliana have specialised most in food and restaurants and in trade, while La Baronia de Rialb offers a broad range of rural accommodation, as do Bassella, Tiurana and Peramola to a lesser yet also significant extent.

Tourism related activities have grown considerably in recent years and are currently the areas in which most commercial, investment and development effort is made.