This is the highest waterfall in Catalonia and is located in the Alt Urgell region. It is set in the Serra de l'Aubenç range, in the municipality of Peramola, among calcareous rock. It is 1,000 metres long and has a drop of 500 metres. Although like all canyons it can be accessed freely, because of its location and condition no companies currently organise trips to it.
This is the longest descent in Catalonia and lasts for 5 to 7 hours. It is located in Baronia de Rialb, in the Noguera region. It is a highly technical canyon and features great leaps that require considerable physical effort. It is an activity especially suited to small groups and for people with a very good technical level. No companies currently organise trips to it.
The municipality of Baronia de Rialb includes a number of streams that run into the Rialb River basin. One of these is in the Cerdanyès Canyon. Although this stream does not flow continuously and only runs after heavy rains, it has some narrow passages, embedded blocks, gorges and a riverbed deeply carved out by the force of the water. The descent is not particularly technically difficult. The canyon is divided into two sections, which are joined by a series of small projections. The second stretch is more gorge-like and spectacular and includes the highest drop of the descent, which although no more than fifteen metres high, is of great beauty. No companies currently organise trips to it.


Forat de Buli
is a gorge on the Rialb River in the westernmost limestone sections of the Serra d'Aubenç, at Gavarra, in the municipality of Coll de Nargó and Baronia de Rialb.
It comprises four extremely narrow and deep furrows. Water from the river filters underground at Les Cots and does not reappear until the Forat de Buli, which is located in the wildest zone of the canyon. The river eventually flows into a tunnel in the rock of around 100 metres long.




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