Outings around "Our springs"


The Segre Rialb Consortium offers not only adventure activities, but also walks, each step of which will take you to sites of enormous beauty were water rises from the earth in the form of springs.


Because of its geographical location, Oliana has a water-rich subsoil and a series of springs such as the Font de la Roqueta, the Font de Gotzena, the Font dels Agostants and the Font del Metó. A walk along the path that joins them all is a relaxing and highly gratifying activity in the heart of nature.



Enjoy a 45-minute walk through a site rich in water, birds and vegetation.
You will discover the Font de la Vila bridge, the remains of the former dairy by Font del Mig, Font del Caner, a site devoted to poet Martí i Pol, with the first waterwheel of the village of Peramola, and both the Font de Cristo and the Font del Poble springs


Ogern river beach

In the summer months there is also a riverside beach, which is a good place to spend the hot days of the year, accompanied by friends and family in the heart of nature scarcely touched by humankind.
Water from the Ribera Salada has been used create a municipal leisure infrastructure that comprises two lidos, one of which is for children and the other for adults. This service is 100 metres from the village of Ogern, has a bar service and plentiful parking, and is also very close to a campsite.
Approx. opening period: 24 June– 31 August/start of September
Opening times: 10.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.
For further information: Tel. 34 973 462 724 (Council of Bassella)