Cultural activities



Ponts: "La Mostra", vila de Ponts. Festival of student music groups, featuring a large number of local, traditional songs that have been subject to exhaustive research and study. 








Oliana: Integrated Arts Festival and “Summer Nights, Nights at Castell". Biannual Festivals*

* Integrated Arts Festival

Cau de l’Art initiative. The event takes place among the ruins of the ancient village of Castell d’Oliana, which arose in the protection of the fortress. It features artistic activities such as live music, jugglers, visual arts, performance arts, literary performances, and a small art fair.

* “Summer Nights, Nights at Castell”. This event is held in Castell d’Oliana and includes guided tours through the history and mythology of the village. Music, song, audiovisuals and in different settings accompany the Castell route with the backdrop of the Legend of the Dreugels, elves from Castell who patiently and enthusiastically make sure the needs of each season are met.





Baronia de Rialb: “Cultural Evenings”, cycle of open-air concerts and dinner, in the months of July and August. The concerts are held in the most significant Romanesque buildings and followed by a dinner-gathering. durant els mesos de juliol i agost.









Ponts:  “Ponts in the summer”, a cycle of open-air recreational and cultural activities and performances designed to entertain and freshen up Saturdays in the summer. Some examples are concerts, theatre and the singing of Havanera shanties.






Gualter (Baronia de Rialb): "Cultural Meeting at the Monastery of Sta. Maria de Gualter", on the second to last Saturday in July.









Tiurana: "International Story Festival", in the first two weeks of October. Two-day festival with traditional and African tales, erotic stories and the presence of well-known figures from the sector